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Zurich, Switzerland, 28 March 2010…The Hadron Collider

conducts the first tests looking for the Higgs/Boson.

Brisbane, Australia…a few hours earlier…
Alex meets John on a blind date set up by her friends, and declares that
she ‘wouldn't see him again even if he were the last man on earth!’ The
next day Alex wakes to find that a scientific experiment seems to have
wiped out the rest of humanity. The streets of Brisbane are deserted; her
annoying boss has disappeared; no longer does she have to put up with
her friends trying to set her up with losers.

Alex finds that she has the City of Sunshine to herself – at first it’s bliss.
No traffic, no queues, no deadlines – though the novelty wears thin after a
few weeks of harmless carjacking, home-invasions and tinned food.
Until Alex discovers that there is someone else still alive, and it’s John!
Neither of them understand how or why they seem to be the last two
people on earth, but in this new idyllic environment Alex starts to
appreciate John’s better qualities and a budding romance develops.
That is, until they run into Wendy – the smarter and sassier ‘other
woman’ who not only has worked out how they’ve all survived -
something to do with wormholes and particles – but even has a plan to
bring everyone back.

When John signals feelings for Wendy, Alex vows not to let her get
between them and becomes determined to not only win John over but save humanity.

By Thursday.

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